Citymaster 600

Citymaster 600

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Multifunctional vehicle and sweeper – no need to compromise!

The Citymaster 600 meets your demands exactly – with best-possible operating comfort and innovative quickchange system for a range of attachments designed to suit your individual requirements. Hako’s years of experience in the field of compact tractors and sweeping machines are all concentrated in this one machine – use it to your advantage!

The Citymaster 600 combines multifarious advantages and functions with compact dimensions while the driver’s spacious and comfortable workplace facilitates long working days. With its small working width and extreme manoeuvrability, the vehicle can access even the most confined areas.

The all-in-one universal implement carrier with a quick-change system and plenty of different attachments – that’s what we call costeffective. You only buy what you really need.

In the long run, the robust and maintenancefriendly design makes the Citymaster 600 profitable. Hako quality pays off quickly.