Linde: Electric Forklift VS IC Truck

The forklift truck is the number one choice for intralogistics. Both versatile and powerful, the industrial truck is ideal for transporting and handling goods in warehouses, production sites and outdoor areas.

Linde Material Handling has been successfully providing the perfect forklift truck for every industry and application for over 60 years. The range of trucks Linde offers is unparalleled, with a selection that comprises 77 series with up to 382 model variants and over 10,000 equipment options. The guiding principles behind all of Linde’s products are productivity, safety and ergonomics.



Electric forklift or IC truck? That is the central question for every warehouse and production facility. It is above all the application area that determines the choice of forklift truck: Electric forklift trucks are ideal for use inside the warehouse as they produce zero emissions or engine noise. Internal combustion forklift trucks are often used in outdoor areas as it is easier to supply energy in the form of gas or diesel in these areas. IC trucks are extremely robust and can therefore withstand even the most severe weather conditions.


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Linde Electric Forklift Trucks

Linde offers an extensive range of electric forklift trucks, which can handle loads of between 1,000 and 8,000 kilos. Their strength lies particularly in their precision and agility, providing the utmost handling performance. Linde has developed powerful drive technology with highly responsive traction control for lifting and transporting loads quickly and easily. All the models of electric forklift truck from Linde are user-friendly and come with a maintenance-free compact axle, allowing the operator to perform millimeter-precise maneuvers.

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Linde IC Trucks

With its internal combustion forklift truck, Linde has been setting the standard for productivity and efficiency for many years. The portfolio of IC trucks covers a load bearing capacity of 1.4 to 18 tons. The combination of hydrostatic drive, dual-pedal control and Linde Load Control enables the operator to perform every lift and maneuver with the utmost precision and speed. The efficient power transmission and intelligent control ensure that the IC trucks always have plenty of power available.

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