Konecranes Spare Parts Promotion

Never Estimate Filters Importance

Never Estimate Filters Importance

The importance of high-quality, genuine and effective air (and not only) filtration is often underestimated. From air to coolant, from oil to fuel, all those filters are equally important for safety, operations and lifetime of your lift trucks.

Don’t wait until an unexpected failure can compromise your equipment efficiency. Look up in your machine manual and make a list of the filters you know you will need to change, sooner or later. Or provide your lift truck serial number and we will do that for you.

Why should you wait ordering the filters until the maintenance is due, when you can benefits of this incredible promotion now? Better being prepared and have your parts already on stock for a quick replacement. If you place your order in November 2021, you will be able to get all the filters you’ll need at a very discounted price.

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