Konecranes Lift Trucks: Why electric forklifts are the safe and sustainable choice

When comparing traditional forklifts with combustion engines with electric forklifts, the main difference is of course the drive line. But when digging a little deeper there are also other differences, where safety is of greatest interest. Are electric forklifts really safer, you might wonder? Yes they are, and that’s for several reasons. Let’s have a look at why electric forklifts are the safe and sustainable choice.

Electric forklifts provide a safer working environment
One of the most obvious benefits with electric forklifts is their zero emission footprint. If charged from renewable energy sources they can have a great positive impact on fighting global warming, but also provide a major benefit from a local perspective. An electric forklift with a lithium-ion battery uses zero fossil fuel, produces zero fumes and emits zero tailpipe emissions into the atmosphere. For the operator, and all people at the local yard, this means that they are no longer exposed to harmful carbon monoxide, which can be a health hazard especially at more confined work areas.

Another health hazard that can be passed to the history books, is the risk of being exposed to diesel fumes and spill when fueling up the vehicles. Electric forklifts are generally healthier to be around, and deliver a much cleaner working environment to operators and other employees.

Electric forklifts are safer and smoother to operate
An electric forklift is by its technical nature smooth, consistent, and comes with a strong torque, even at low speeds. Acceleration and lifting is instant, and the operators do not need to increase the speed of the engine to handle a full load any more. This smoothness in handling the forklift means a working environment that comes with less vibrations, and thus contribute to an improved working environment.

With electric forklifts, noise is less of a problem. Since they have no noisy combustion engine, the working environment is more quiet. No need for ear protection when going electric! Since noise can cause fatigue, the operators driving electric forklifts are more likely to stay alert and safe during their shifts.

Increased safety is a positive side effect from electrification
Would you like to learn more about how your company can raise the safety bar at your workplace by changing to electric lift trucks. You are most welcome to read the white paper from Konecranes Lift Trucks, in which we explain why you should choose an electric forklift with a lithium-ion battery. Electric forklifts are the sustainable alternative, representing the future, safe workplace, which you can be part of already today.